We are a team of experienced teachers with several decades of combined teaching experience. All this time, we have been discovering and exploring the most effective learning and teaching approaches.  And it’s life-long work in progress: in our profession, you never stop learning. And you need to adjust your tools and methods to help unique individuals – your learners.  For those reasons, we don’t believe in dogmatic approach to teaching, but we have some convictions 🙂

If – as teachers – we don’t enjoy the lesson planning part, you won’t enjoy the lesson enough. That’s the way we look at learning experience design. We put as much heart into planning as we do into online meetings, self-study materials design and feedback. It’s a whole package.

At the same time, we ask you for feedback on a regular basis so we can improve your experience every week. Your voice matters. You tell us what flowers you want to be planted in your garden.

Also, we don’t believe in teaching you about language.  (If we used a metaphor, that would be a bit like a gallery visit where you are just observing ready-made paintings on the walls.) Instead, at English Barrio, you learn English by using it actively and discovering new fascinating things about the world around us. At English Barrio, the floor is yours. (To return to the metaphor, you are actively creating your own masterpieces.)

Finally, we make sure you revisit and review the new language – expect a lot of revision hot spots in our online meetings and self-study challenges. You juggle the new language all the time, which makes your brain very happy!

Our teaching superpowers

  • we like people
  • we are lucky to teach awesome people
  • we put our students first & we take pride in their success
  • we love what we are doing
  • we are team players
  • we like to pull your leg from time to time
  • we are happy to tackle new challenges
  • we believe in connecting the dots
  • we have the courage to experiment
  • we offer and value respect
  • we work and dream


We got a bunch of online elves to craft profiles of all the teachers on our team. Quality work takes time 😉 Here is a taste of what you can expect to find here … really soon!

Milada Krajewska


I hold an MA in English Studies & TEFL, a CELTA certificate and a postgraduate diploma in Business Training. I am a Cambridge CELTA Main Course and Assistant Tutor and a certified IH Online Tutor.


  • enjoying teaching and learning from my students of English as a Foreign Language (YLs, teens, adults and seniors | English for Business & special Purposes, General English, Exam Preparation ) since 1997.
  • worked as a Cambridge Assessment English oral examiner (Cambridge YLE  Tests, B2 First, C1 Advanced and  C2 Proficiency), Academic Director, Head of Teacher Training and course designer.
  • training teachers and working as an author, designer and content editor of teaching & learning resources for a decade now.
  • organising training events and conferences (incl. TEDxWarsaw) and coaching conference presenters since 2010.


  • My professional passions: experimenting with creative lesson design; cognitive science translated into learning strategies;  serving cocktails of compelling stories, fresh knowledge about the world and juicy language to my learners
  • My personal passions: travelling, cooking, doggies and cocker spaniels in particular, design, urban gardens, story-spotting, …
  • My retirement plan: island life, running a playschool for dogs, writing & reading (in any order), taking carpentry classes, parachuting, learning Portuguese, …

beata palińska


I hold an MA in English Studies & TEFL, a CELTA certificate, a DELTA Module 1 certificate and I am a Cambridge CELTA Assistant Tutor and a certified IH Teacher Trainer.


  • teaching English as a Foreign Language (adults, teens, young learners | General English, Exam Preparation, English for Business & Special Purposes) since 2002.
  • a Cambridge Assessment English oral examiner (Cambridge A2 Key, B1 Preliminary, B2 First and C1 Advanced).
  • training teachers, co-organising conferences and training events, designing teaching and learning materials since 2014.


  • My professional passions: looking for stories and turning them into lessons, planning lessons and turning them into story-like experiences, incorporating most effective learning strategies, helping my students do better than they expected
  • My personal passions: stories everywhere, using non-existent words, food (eating, cooking, reading about), note-taking, notebooks and yes, pens
  • My retirement plan: long walks, writing short stories, reading with a notebook on my lap, pencil in hand and a cup of coffee nearby, becoming a professional ball thrower (ok, that’s my vizsla’s dream more than mine)

Stay tuned for more …