It’s easy!


STEP 1: Complete the Contact Form

Before we plan your English learning journey, we need to get to know you better & learn exactly what you want and need. Complete the form and expect an email from us within hours.




STEP 2: Do the online Placement Tests

To design a perfect course for you (your starting point, your destination and how to get there), we need to know all about your language level at the start.

That’s why you need to do a written test (online) first and then take an interview (online) with your teacher.



The online written test (language & listening) takes 50-80 mins.

Where? You get a link and the unique login info in an email from us.

When? The link is active for 24 hours. If you need longer, let us know.

How? You don’t need to prepare for the test – we need to see the real picture.

The test is adaptive so – depending on your answers – it takes you to either easier or more difficult questions. It is a professional assessment tool tested on 19,000 students from 60 countries.


Writing for exams? If you want an exam-preparation course, we also ask you to write a short text in English to see how advanced your written English is. You get a topic via email.

Results? You learn your exact results when we meet for the online interview.

How much? You don’t pay for the placement test. It’s on us.



The online interview (language& speaking) takes 30 mins.

When? We agree on a date and time when you are free to talk.

Where? You get a link to enter the online interview room in an email from us. For the interview, we are using the online application that we use for online meetups during the course so you can see how easy to use and intuitive it is.

How? It is a nice conversation in English. You talk to your teacher, who is also a qualified teacher trainer and oral proficiency consultant.

At the end, we tell you all about your language level, agree on the goals and suggest the best course for you.

How much? You don’t pay for the interview.


STEP 3: Read and sign the agreement.

Why? You need to know what to expect and we need clear rules to guide you towards your goals. This is our map for your English language journey.


What equipment do you need to learn online?

  • a PC or a mobile device (a laptop, an iPad, a tablet or a smartphone) with a video camera and microphone
  • a reliable internet connection
  • a set of headphones, earphones or earpodes
  • a cup/glass of your favourite drink

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And now … we’re good to go!